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Ball Bearing

Ball Bearings are made to ensure smooth and efficient process in several machines. These can function as the rotary motion solutions. These are utilized as the rolling-element bearings, accessible with several main functions.  These are made to reduce the friction and allow for the correct positioning of several moving machine parts.

Industrial Bearing

The Industrial Bearing are the "parts which can assist the objects' rotation". In addition, these can support the shaft, which are made to rotate inside the mechanism. These are highly suited for the sectors of airplanes, automobiles, and electric generators.

Bearing Assemblies

Bearings assemblies are highly demanded for rotating as well as linear shaft applications. These make use of the cylindrical rolling elements and can fulfil the heavier load carrying requirements. These allow for correct linear movements and have outstanding rotational capabilities.

Oil Seals

Oil seals we deal in are made to protect the shafts as well as bearings from ingress of foreign matter and dirt. These are made to provide an actual sealing and can be fixed well with the help of chemical adhesive agents.

Pilot Bearing Bush
The Pilot bearing bushes are made to offer support to the transmission to clutch disc and input shaft. These enable the flywheel to uphold engine rpm in a safe and effective way. They provide a low-friction support and ensure an excellent performance.
Industrial Belt

The Industrial Belts are apt for manufacturing, food processing and many other heavy industries. They are demanded for the sector of automotive, packaging, print finishing, computer, good, bottling, pharmaceutical, canning, chemical, and aerospace and others.

Nuts And Bolt

Nuts and Bolts can be used in combination with mating bolt and enable the fastening of multiple parts. They can be fixed well and allow for the screwing and tightening of several parts and objects. These have reliable function and allow for advanced utility. They are highly apt for simple assembling and disassembling.

Slide Guide

High precision and low friction are the main characteristics of these solutions. These enable simple movement and allow for reduction in the heat generation. Also, these are particularly suited for an advanced guiding motion and enable and advanced power transmission.

SS Balls

The SS Balls we offer are utilized for several industrial applications. These are suited for the process of agitation, casters, and drawer slides, sprinkling systems, locking mechanisms, appliance components and semi-precision bearings. They are rust-proof and boast of advanced structural strength.

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